A Reverts Guide to Islam

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”

Free Islamic Courses

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What a great way to study Islam, educate yourself and increase your knowledge! You can then use your diploma/Certificate to teach others at masjids!

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“Allahumma infa’ni bima ‘allamtani, wa allimni maa yanfa’oni wa zidni ‘ilman, alhamdulillahi alaa kulli haal, wa a’odtho billahi min haali ahlil naar.”

O Allah, grant me benefit in what Thou hast taught me, teach me what will benefit me,
and increase my knowledge. Praise be to Allah in all circumstances.
I seek refuge in Allah from the state of those who go to Hell.”
(Al-Tirmidhi HadithHadith 2482 Narrated by)

Hadeeth: Three people’s du`aa are never rejected: the one who is fasting, until he breaks his fast; the just ruler and the one who has been wronged. Allah raises it above the clouds and the doors of the skies are opened for it, and the Lord says, ‘By My Honour and Glory! I will help you, even if it be after some time!’”
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Top Ten Excuses of Muslim Women regarding Hijab and Its Responses

(If you get a chance please check out sister Nida´s blog, her blog is devoted to spreading the word of islam)

All praise is due to Allah ta'aala as is deserved by His Majesty and Great Power. I send prayers and ask for blessings upon His Noble Messenger (sallallahu alayhee wasallam) who drew the path for us to the pleasure of Allah and His Jannah. This path is a straight one that is surrounded by virtue from all sides and attends to the best moral characteristics which are increased by the clothing of purity, concealment, and chastity. It is the path trod by the two halves of human society, namely the man and the woman, toward harmonious contentment and happiness in this life and the Hereafter.

This is precisely why the Protector, the blessed and above all imperfection, has made wearing hijaab an obligation upon the woman as a safeguard of her chastity and protection of her honor and sign of her faith ( Iman). It is on account of this that societies (both Muslim and non-Muslim) that have distanced themselves from the way of Allah and deviated from His straight path, are ill societies in need of treatment that will lead them to recovery and happiness.

Among the pictures that point to the distance of society from that path and that make clear the level of its deviation and separation from it is the open spread of women not just uncovering their faces but enhancing and making a display of their beauty. We find that this is manifested regretfully, in Islamic (Muslim) society despite that Islamic clothing is also widespread. So then, what are the reasons that have led to this digression?

Excuse One: I'm not yet convinced (of the necessity) of hijab

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Temporary Marriage(Mut´a) A Plea from A Muslim Sister


I was fourteen years old and my relationship with my parents was on the edge just like any other teenager. I started to become interested in boys. I felt as if no one understood me, not even my friends. I especially didn´t feel pretty with my braces.

It all changed when I met him . It was fascinating to know that a college student would care so much about me. He was the most wonderful person. He treated me like a queen, and soon we became the best of friends. I felt I could tell him anything. As our friendship progressed, we talked about different topics including religion. He had different beliefs than me; he was Shia while I was Sunni. We always argued upon the differences. He had a way with making things sound better than what they were. Soon I became very confused.

One day he mentioned the idea of Mut'a.
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A few years after I had reverted to Islam, the topic of Mut´a came up.  I wasnt familiar with Mut´a and found out that Mut´a is a temporary marriage in which the man has no financial responsibility to the woman or if she gets pregnant their child. This type of marriage which was once allowed for 3 days in our prophets time (p.b.u.h.) during war and was then made forbidden, is still practiced amongst shias and is usually practiced to fulfill their sexual needs all the while lying to themselves that it is allowed islamically (Basically they are giving themselves excuses to date and have sexual relationships with women.) Even though some of their top shia scholars are against Mut´a, many shias still practice this today. Its not uncommon for new reverts to be approached by shia males who will try to convince  you that this is islamically allowed and something good.  To understand Mut´a one must first understand why it was allowed back in our prophets time and understand the history of shiaism and how they deviated from the straight path after the death of our prophet (p.b.u.h.) Today I will focus on Mut´a and in another post I will focus on the history of shiaism.
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