A Reverts Guide to Islam

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”

The dangers of Mut´a (Temporary Marriage)

A few years after I had reverted to Islam, the topic of Mut´a came up.  I wasnt familiar with Mut´a and found out that Mut´a is a temporary marriage in which the man has no financial responsibility to the woman or if she gets pregnant their child. This type of marriage which was once allowed for 3 days in our prophets time (p.b.u.h.) during war and was then made forbidden, is still practiced amongst shias and is usually practiced to fulfill their sexual needs all the while lying to themselves that it is allowed islamically (Basically they are giving themselves excuses to date and have sexual relationships with women.) Even though some of their top shia scholars are against Mut´a, many shias still practice this today. Its not uncommon for new reverts to be approached by shia males who will try to convince  you that this is islamically allowed and something good.  To understand Mut´a one must first understand why it was allowed back in our prophets time and understand the history of shiaism and how they deviated from the straight path after the death of our prophet (p.b.u.h.) Today I will focus on Mut´a and in another post I will focus on the history of shiaism.

The prophet (saw) allowed Mut´a twice in his lifetime. The first time he allowed it for 3 days at the war of Khaibar against the Jews and after those 3 days it was made haram. Once, Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) argued with a man who practiced Mut´a and told him the prophet (saw) had made it haram along with the meat of wild donkeys on the day of that battle.

 This hadith can be found both in shia and sunni references.

(book of sahih bukhari vol 7 pg 287 and vol 4 pg. 134)
 As for the Shia references it can be found in the (book of Tahdeeb vol 7 pg 251 rewaya 10)
However the shia author (Altoosi)states that Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) lied in this case out of Taqiya. Also, in the (book of Istebsar vol 3 pg 142 rewaya 5) we find Ali stating that Mut´a is haram again and we find the author accusing Ali of lying for Taqiya.
The 2nd time the Prophet (saw) allowed it was during the conquest of Mecca also for 3 days.  And then he made it haram again this time until the day of judgment.(sahih muslim vol 4, pg 133). Many other islamic books and authentic references state the same.
Of course since Mut´a was allowed for a certain period of time it is very easy to find hadiths mentioning it as halal however one needs to find the hadiths that came later with the FINAL order and set the FINAL rules.
 And these latter ones take precedence over the former ones. 99 percent of the companions followed this opinion. But, there was a small minority who believed Mut´a can be performed in extreme cases of necessity in the land of war.  This minority is divided into 2 groups, one of them says it must be allowed by the caliph and the other group says there is no need for this permission

Those who do not believe in caliphs permission say it was Umar who made it haram. There alleged proof is based upon an opinon Ibn Abbas. People misuse this opinion until Ibn Abbas had to clarify himself and say
 ¨Walahi I did not mean what they say I meant similarly to what Allah meant when he allowed the meat of dead animals and pork to be eaten in extreme necessity¨
This is referring to the time when many people started abusing the rule of necessity of Umar and finally Umar declared and taught it to be haram. When a lady came to Umar complaining how her husband in Mut´a was married would not take responsibility of the child.  He realized how society was becoming corrupt with similar conditions to adultery.
From an objective point of view Mut´a is morally unacceptable.  The fact that in most cases it goes on undercover suggests that it there is something fishy and corrupt about it
 Why would we muslims need Mut´a when Allah has purified us with lawful, normal marriage and even with polygamy for exceptional cases
 Even in the case of the Prophet (saw) the first marriage after the death of khadija was his marriage to Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) who was the only virgin he married

Regarding Marji´a our true marji´as are Quran and the Sunnah and absolutely anybody who contradicts them must bite the dust.  No matter what their status and fame are in society. 


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